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Homeowner's Critical News *** If your mortgage, credit cards, car loans, etc interest rate(s) is/are 3% or higher, you need to call a Mortgage Client Advisor at TFC Tricont Mortgage, A Division of Tricont Financial Corporation and Take advantage of our "Three Times Your Savings" “3xYs”program *** Call or Email us at ***(803) 317-2500 **_** clientcare@tricontmortgage.com for a fee and rate offer *** Together, we will build the bridge to your world. Thank you very much.


Tricont Key to Success 

At TFC Tricont Mortgage, our desires to make money will always take a back seat to our desire to build a sustaining life long

relationship with you our MVP (most Valuable people). We believe that such relationship must be based on trust that relies

on openness, honesty and truth to succeed.


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President's Message



My name is Aideyan Omoregbee. I moved from New York to the Carolinas in 2007. With the move, my contacts and reputation in

the mortgage industry was left In New York, I was very well regarded in my community, to mortgage consumers, my peers

and other industry leaders


Since starting as a mortgage loan officer in 1996, I have worked for only four companies before joining Tricont mortgage. For the

11 years I worked as a Loan Officer in New York, I never had to seek a job, have a complaint lodge against me, but was

constantly approached by banks and other mortgage companies in need of my service


I was very successful because I treated my customers as I would treat my mother, as my MVP (most valuable person). I won top

national awards at Bank of America and at Fidelity Mortgage where I won the national Eagle and other bank awards year after

year. When I moved to the Carolinas, I was surprised by the way banks and mortgage company’s owners and loan officers treat

their customers. I couldn't fit in and didn't want to


As luck would have it, I ended up here at Tricont Mortgage tricontmortgage.com. Tricont Mortgage lends and prides itself as a

place where good relationship, respect and treatment of the customers not only matters but really does come first. I hope I will be

able to retire here


Thank you for trusting us with your financial and mortgage needs.



Aideyan Omoregbee

Vice President & COO





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