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Homeowner's Critical News *** If your mortgage, credit cards, car loans, etc interest rate(s) is/are 3% or higher, you need to call a Mortgage Client Advisor at TFC Tricont Mortgage, A Division of Tricont Financial Corporation and Take advantage of our "Three Times Your Savings" “3xYs”program *** Call or Email us at  ***(803) 317-2500 **_** clientcare@tricontmortgage.com for a fee and rate quote*** Together, we will build the bridge to your world. Thank you very much.


Education b4 Ownership


No matter where we are in life, buying a house is one of the most important things we will all do. The question really is, why should we continue to "pay our

landlord's mortgage with our rent money"? If you are or just considering homeownership, we at TFC Tricont Mortgage are ready to help you make your dream a reality.


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Are You Ready?

If  you've found a house and need a mortgage right away or you've just begun your search process and want to know which mortgage

loan program is right for you, call us and we will put together your own customized mortgage utilizing our "Low Rates Warehouse" to

"Three Times Your Savings".


TFC Tricont Mortgage understands that buying a house is part of the American' dream. For many, getting a mortgage has been the biggest

obstacle to fulfilling this dream. This challenge is especially true for a first-time homebuyer. At TFC Tricont Mortgage, we will help you fulfill

this dream. We will present advice to you and guide you from your product and program selection to your first day in your new

home. And Yes, we will provide you the very best mortgage possible through our "Low Rates Warehouse" and 3xYs.

Purchase Benefit Characteristics

By buying a house, you will stop paying your landlord mortgage with your rent money and start building your future safety net. Purchasing

a house will also help you in the following ways:


Serve as an investment for your golden years

You would never have to be told to move as long as you pay your mortgage

Build home equity for yourself instead of your landlord

Home purchase provides tax benefits if qualified





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